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Half Way to One

Now that’s a crazy thought.  My baby is halfway to being one year old.  Actually she’s more than half way since she’s been six months for 2 weeks, but we’re not thinking about that.

I’ve been putting off this post until after the official six month checkup so I could give you the stats on Millie-Moo.  I’m most impressed by the fact that she’s grown 5″ (if you go by the hospital length) or 6″ (if you go by the pediatrician)….either way, she’s much longer than the 19-20″ she was when she was born!

Height: 26″
Weight: 15 lb. 13 oz.
Head: 43.5 cm
Nursing: all about it at night because that’s special mommy cuddle-time
Bottles: two of formula each day…yucky spit up
Solids: rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, bananas, peas (yuck)….oh, and since the dr. said I could feed her anything but honey now, she’s chewed on a spinich leaf and tried to steal my A&E (that’s the most awesome hamburger in the world for those of you who don’t have the fortune to live in God’s country)

Big girl!  Nope, still my baby.

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