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Careful What You Tell Them…

Everyone knows you have to watch what you say around children because they have the most uncanny knack of helping your words come back to haunt you.

Saturday morning we were actually managing to accomplish the task of sleeping late.  This was due in part to the rain, in part to the fact that I’d already been up for an hour at the crack of dawn with fussy baby, and due in part to the lovely childhood development of my big girls who are finally old enough to entertain themselves.

Which they did.

So there we were, me, Joshua, Amelia all snuggled up in the bed (this is not a regular occurrence but is the reason we were able to get her back to sleep) when I heard the pitter-pattery stomp of four little feet.

“Mommy!” Very loud whisper.  “Me and Annabelle are bleeding!”


Giggles.  “See?”  Holding up a foot covered in red stickers.  A way to circumvent Mommy’s don’t-come-out-of-your-room-unless-your-bleeding rule for naptime and early mornings.  Ha, ha.

I’m just thankful for the next antidote of wisdom I shared once I recovered from my shock.  Wonder how long before this one haunts me?

“Mommy, we’re hungry,” says the girl who cried blood.

My response?

“You know where the cereal is.”

4 thoughts on “Careful What You Tell Them…

  1. Can I just say that your girls sound like they have the cutest personalities?! My goodness. I'm at the stage where I have to watch what I say because my little one mimics everything! It's exhausting but so much fun. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and following, I'm doing the same!


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