Beyond {5 minute Friday}

Small like the flutter of a hummingbird’s wing.

Tiny, really.

Tiny and big and oh, so very scary.

A baby’s heartbeat.  On an ultrasound.  Next to my IUD.  Outside my heart.

I cried and not in a good way.  I wept and wondered and went to my knees to try to understand.

When blessings become burdens the heart weighs heavy.

Until you get beyond.

He came in a rush on a clear day in the spring.  Head full of dark curls, lungs that swelled and filled and lifted his voice back to Heaven.  Beyond perfection.

Beyond my fragile belief that all would be well, he was.  He is.

Beyond what I would have ever imagined my life would turn out to be.

It’s Five Minute Friday.  Head on over to Gypsy Mama to join in the reflection on the word beyond.  Then write, just write, for five minutes flat.  Go!

Five Minute Friday

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