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What I’m Crushing on for Christmas

I know. It’s still two days before Thanksgiving. But y’all. There’s shipping to consider and handmade gifts from busy moms who are also entrepreneurs are well worth a little early shopping.

And crushing.

These items are on my favorites list for Etsy and Santa. Hoping you’ll find something to love–and just know purchasing from these shops directly funds small businesses with big dreams and great goals. Like empowering women, adopting children, and trusting the creative spirit that enlivens us all.

And there’s a little something for you at the end.

What I'm crushing on for

For My Tree…

I love these seriously sweet ornaments from One Less Lonely Child (formerly Black Tag Studio). We bought one last year for our tree, and this year I’m giving a couple as gifts. But the real gift is that your purchase helps fund my friends Lance and Julia’s adoption of Zara from Uganda.

For My Walls…

This wall statement has been on my list since Jennifer, 163 Design Company owner and designer, was my roommate at the Allume Conference in 2013. She and her parents handcraft these gorgeous pieces of jewelry and home decor from their home in Maine, but don’t let the address fool you. Jenn’s a southern girl at heart. Hence one of her newest creations that needs to find its way to my kitchen, Sweet Tea and Grits. And I’m forever in love with my necklace–Well With My Soul of course.


For My Kitchen…


My family is seriously talented, y’all. My beautiful cousin, Jocie, launched her own business this year making her passion–beautiful, unique,  and functional pottery pieces as Jocie Pots. For my sister’s wedding, she pressed lace from the invitation into individual pieces for us, in addition to being our florist and designer. She’s got a cake stand standing by for me, and I’m thinking some of those perfect size mugs need to make their way into my cabinet as well. Because the only way to prepare for edits on my first book is with lots and lots of coffee.

For My Laptop…

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 2.48.23 PM

When we were graced with a gift that enabled me to purchase my own laptop this year, I went on a search for the perfect bag to accompany me to writers conferences (like FWCW and BRMCWC) and to my weekly “office”, a booth at our local Chic-Fil-A.

I’ve yet to make this purchase, but when I do, I’m hoping it’s the 13″ laptop sleeve with leather strap from Better Life Bags. This company’s vision is why I’d be willing to shell out big bucks for a quality bag I can use for a lifetime. Every piece is hand-sewn by a woman in the Detroit area with a barrier against traditional employment.

For My Kids…

My sister, Katy, will monogram anything that stands still. But how cute are these shirts? She’ll make you anything you want with the use of her heat press and a roll of glittery (or not) vinyl. That softball shirt cracks me up because we actually had a sister who played softball, so some of us didn’t have a life outside of tournaments. She can customize, so you just insert your passion. Right now ours would credit community theater, but come spring it will definitely be all about the track. You can find Katy hanging out on Facebook way too much as BoardHouseWife Crafts.

Now onto the real reason you read to the bottom of this post–


Julia will be giving away a personalized swirl ornament, Katy will monogram you a leather cuff, and if you’re local and order from Jocie Pots, I’ll make the trip to pick up your goodies so you don’t have to worry about shipping. (Well that last one’s just a freebie for all.)

Just leave me a comment here on the blog about what’s on your Christmas Wish List–and if you pin this to Pinterest or share on Facebook and tell me, you’ll be entered twice!

I’ll choose the winner by random selection on Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and may the cash be with you.

Comments closed! The winner is Hannah Hall! Congrats!





22 thoughts on “What I’m Crushing on for Christmas

  1. Enjoyed seeing your Christmas crushes! The monogram leather cuff sounds neat. What I really want for Christmas is a Miami Sun Trike, a really high quality red dutch oven for my kitchen, and something sandalwood scented… but I will still have a good time even if none of that ends up under the tree! Most of all, I’m looking forward to seeing my son open his gifts and all of the excitement that he will have.


  2. Love your handmade list! I’m doing mostly small business and handmade shopping this year!
    Not really asking for much this year, just looking forward to time with my family!!

    Sharing your post on Facebook!


  3. Since we are now full swing into the adoption realm, I would really like a completed home study so we can bring our precious little one home by Christmas of next year!!!

    (And all of these things are also really cute and wouldn’t mind them either! 😉)


  4. Since we are full in the adoption realm, I would really love a completed home study so we can have our little one home by next Christmas!

    (Also, these things would be nice, too!)


  5. Hmm, I’d really like something from Emerson Creek Pottery this Christmas in their Dogwood pattern. I love the stuff here, too. So beautiful!


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