Banana Bread

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Today’s post is written by fellow author, Lindsey Brackett. Her debut novel, Still Waters, released in 2017. Looking forward to reading this book, Lindsey! Her granddaughter lifted the wicker tray with its bounty of porcelain and banana bread.
 “Found yourself a snack, did you?” Annie followed her over to…


My Favorite Bullet Journal Stuff

Thanks for hanging out with me on Instagram today and talking all the bullet journal love–and despair. Because getting overwhelmed with anything is so easy. Believe me, I’m an expert. If you decide the BuJo is for you (or not and that’s okay) I encourage you to remember these three things: It’s supposed to work… Continue reading My Favorite Bullet Journal Stuff


What I Learned in November (from John Grisham to Bullet Journaling)

There’s something thought provoking about taking the time to dwell on what I’ve learned. My entire fall has been all consumed by book knowledge and know-how (or which I have little) so settling on a few simple things for November gave me some much needed perspective. In no particular order, here’s what I learned: FB… Continue reading What I Learned in November (from John Grisham to Bullet Journaling)


About NaNoWriMo & Lowered Expectations

Chances are if you’re NaNoWriMo-ing (writers love to make up words), you’re halfway through and you might’ve hit that wall. The first five days it’s all bliss and world-building. You’re as smitten by your characters as they may be with each other. Then this story has to actually go somewhere. You’re halfway in–maybe you’re even… Continue reading About NaNoWriMo & Lowered Expectations

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Ordinary Graces (Book Review + $75 Giveaway)

I believe wholeheartedly in the glory of the everyday ordinary. The morning light through the window on the hardwoods of my kitchen floor. The coolness of clean sheets after a long, weary day. The colors of peppers and onions caramelizing in a cast iron skillet. In her new book of everyday devotions, Lucinda Seacrest McDowell… Continue reading Ordinary Graces (Book Review + $75 Giveaway)


What Makes Your Story

My first morning on Edisto I poured my coffee and wandered down to the beach that’s almost unrecognizable behind the tower of manmade sand piles standing in for washed away dunes. And I walked right into the sunrise. I sat in that damp sand in my yoga pants with the bleach stain, closed my eyes,… Continue reading What Makes Your Story