The Bag Man {Guest Post by Susan Simpson}

Rheumatoid arthritis crept into my body around my second wedding anniversary. It was easy to explain away at first. Painful feet–probably the result of the long walks around the city school building of my first teaching assignment. Aching, swollen fingers … a touch of the flu. It wasn’t long until a diagnosis of RA steamrolled… Continue reading The Bag Man {Guest Post by Susan Simpson}

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What Happens When You Move 10 Miles Down the Road and Everything Changes

I know things have been quiet around here since I revealed what happens when the three year house becomes the ten year house becomes the sold house. There’s still a lot to say about that and God’s timing and sense of humor and my incredible lack of patience and grace, but y’all… I’m really tired.… Continue reading What Happens When You Move 10 Miles Down the Road and Everything Changes

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When Your 3 Year House Becomes Your 10 Year House Becomes Your Sold House

I tucked myself into the corner of the sectional couch we finally broke down and bought last year so we would have furniture that fit this tiny living room. Early in the morning the sunlight shafts through a kitchen window I’m not great at scrubbing clean and lights up a worn table with perpetually sticky… Continue reading When Your 3 Year House Becomes Your 10 Year House Becomes Your Sold House


It’s Summertime, Y’all

It’s summertime y’all. Summer entrenched itself as my favorite season during my tenure as a teacher. Before that, fall was my favorite with its cozy campfires and corn mazes. But fall is anticipation and excitement and the word that I refuse to allow in my summer: STRUCTURE. Listen, I know structure is good. There’s a… Continue reading It’s Summertime, Y’all

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Slow Down and Dwell

The first new friend I made at the Florida Christian Writers Conference this year was Lucinda Secrest McDowell. She beamed a smile and a southern welcome and gushed with excitement when she heard about my Edisto novel. Then she connected me with her Edisto friend who can help me get this book into the hands… Continue reading Slow Down and Dwell

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Cosmos From Chaos

They gather in a darkened gym in the early morning before the heat has baked the parking lot into a reflective oven. Some are heads taller and light years older and wiser than the littlest ones with their childlike faith in absolutions and fairness. They have scabbed knees and restless hearts; feet that dance because… Continue reading Cosmos From Chaos

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What We Learned in DC

We celebrated my girls end of school this year in a really big way. We skipped it. Listen, when daddy has a conference in DC and the hotel is paid for, you seize opportunity and take flight. Literally. We took the big girls on a plane for the first time. They loved it. But then… Continue reading What We Learned in DC