Manuscript/Proposal Editing

Serving those with a busy life and a busy pen.


Please refer to my author coaching page for information about the type of manuscripts I am currently interested in editing.

At this time, I am not editing full-length manuscripts but will provide a review on 40 pages or less. Conference rates available. Please mention the conference we attended in your contact email.

General Rates for Articles/Short Stories/Essays (<5000 words)

1-2 cents per word for proofreading

2.5-3.5 cents per word for proofread and critique

3.5-5 cents per word for substantive or developmental edit

Rates for Articles/Essays/Flash Fiction Stories (<1000 words)

Proofread Only: $15

Proofread and Critique: $25

Novel Critique and/or Synopsis Review (up to 40 pages)

Flexible rates. Contact for more information.

Book Proposals (complete proposal and sample chapters)

Proofread Only: $35

Proofread and Critique: $75

Contact Information

Email me for a free quote. If you’ve bought my book, include the receipt and receive a free 15-minute phone consult as well. I look forward to working with you to improve your writing and achieve your goals.