My Friday Fears and Favorites (31 Days)

73552-100_4161Today I fear–

that nothing I do is really all that significant.

that I can’t manage a blog and a life and a writing career all at the same time.

that my back injury won’t let me enjoy my sister’s wedding next week where I am sure to cry and not be able to get through my speech.

that I’ll never have a book deal or an agent or a professional career as a writer so I should just apply at Belk’s and move on.

that I yell too much at my kids and my husband but we’ll never be able to avoid therapy to deal with it all.

What about you? What’s holding you down as we approach a fall weekend that should be glorious, but for me at least, shows not enough margin in the schedule?

This post is part of my 31 Days series: When Fear is Crippling. There aren’t 31 posts because I fear overloading your inbox with ramblings that you just delete. 

Oh, and when I’m really down, I listen to Tsh talk time management and fringe hours with Jessica Turner while I fold the laundry I fear will never end. Then I read this about feeling insignificant as a mom and I nod my yes and pour another glass of tea and face my fears.

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