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Dear Twenty-Two (a lesson in marriage)

Dear Twenty-Two, Look at you, so flush with love and naivety in your crinoline and Scarlett O’Hara curls. Wedding day dress up. But you don’t know, twenty-two, what I know now. Thirty-seven and fifteen years later. You don’t know anything about marriage or motherhood or making every moment count. You don’t know about mortgages and… Continue reading Dear Twenty-Two (a lesson in marriage)

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On Camping Despite the Rain

We camped. It rained. Again. I don’t know why I continue to put myself through this. Truthfully, I think I wanted to hide from cell phone service for a couple of days. There’s a gap up in our mountains with a swimming lake and a jumping dock and a two mile radius before phones register… Continue reading On Camping Despite the Rain

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Five Symbols of the South

I’m on my back porch and the air is hovering between heavy humidity and storm-blowing breezes. Either way, rain’s been skirting all around our southern summer all week long. The book has a cover now and if you’re in the know you’ve seen it. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? Sign up for… Continue reading Five Symbols of the South


18 Summers Slipping Through My Fingers

Summer kicked off officially this week, huh? Forget the rained out Memorial Day plans and the fact an umbrella is your new go-to accessory. Summer is still upon us in calendar pages if not sunshine. School’s out and the season of juggling kids around camps and swim lessons and jobs that don’t take eight-week breaks… Continue reading 18 Summers Slipping Through My Fingers

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What’s the Presence You Really Want?

Last week the heavens cracked open and poured rain all over the blue-tinged mountains we call Appalachia. So much that when I returned home from my writers conference in Asheville, the local paper’s headline bemoaned how we’d gone from not enough rain to way too much. Trees down. Roads flooded. A general soggy mess. And a… Continue reading What’s the Presence You Really Want?

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When You Really Don’t Want to Run the Race Anymore

Had one of those pinnacle moments of motherhood this weekend. One of those times where I thought–this moment is it. The choice I make, the choice she  makes, in THIS moment will define how I parent her for the rest of her life. Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve had more than one moment… Continue reading When You Really Don’t Want to Run the Race Anymore

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That Time Looking Back Was Worth the Glance

I’ve always had a smidge of sympathy for Lot’s wife. I know, I know. If God tells you to go,  you go and don’t wonder at what you’re leaving behind. That’s a whole lot easier said than done. Besides, I don’t think the point of the story is “never look behind you.” I think the… Continue reading That Time Looking Back Was Worth the Glance