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  • Writing: A sneak peek at my newest projects, the upcoming novel, and maybe an occasional giveaway of the best flash fiction magazine around.
  • Reading: All the latest and greatest from the general market and Christian fiction with a good bit of southern fic leanings and a healthy balance of heavy and light. I’m a writer, so I get a lot of books. And my husband makes me give them away sometimes. Which is only beneficial to you.
  • Watching: We do watch TV, just not as much anymore. But I’ll let you in on some of our family favorites as well as snuggle-up-and-pretend-we’re-on-a-date shows my husband and I binge and bond over.
  • Listening: I’ve fallen in love with the Podcast world. So each month, I’ll share my favorite accompaniment to folding all the laundry.
  • Cooking: I hate the dishes, but I love to cook. We focus on frugal family favorites that I can locally source as much as possible. But our very, very best meal of the week is always homemade pizza.

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