Friday Five

Listen To Me {five minute friday}

So on Fridays, I like to just write.  Freely without much forethought, just writing to see what comes out.  Lisa-Jo hosts this party and her blog’s my favorite and my go-to for encouragement on motherhood and writing.  Five Minute Friday, check it out, write your own, link it up, leave some love. Listen There’s a… Continue reading Listen To Me {five minute friday}

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Fall In Love with the World Next Door

I could tell you how I know what love looks like.  How it’s his hands in soapy dishwater when the cracks on my dry hands just can’t do that again.  How it’s rocking the baby boy we never dreamed we’d have back to sleep at 5:30 a.m. so I can write one more paragraph on… Continue reading Fall In Love with the World Next Door

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Raindrops on Roses

Friday has been lovely so far, thank you. Annabelle has pain meds that are working so well she’s eaten eggs, grits, mashed potatoes, ice cream, two popsicles, and almost a whole 20 oz bottle of ginger ale. Yay for Lortab Elixer which you should request if you ever have to deal with a stubborn child… Continue reading Raindrops on Roses