Friday Five

Listen To Me {five minute friday}

So on Fridays, I like to just write.  Freely without much forethought, just writing to see what comes out.  Lisa-Jo hosts this party and her blog’s my favorite and my go-to for encouragement on motherhood and writing.  Five Minute Friday, check it out, write your own, link it up, leave some love.


There’s a bird outside making its morning chirping so loud I can hear it over the humming of the fridge and the cranking of the AC and the whirring of the laptop in this early morning quiet.  Their doors are all closed and I can’t hear them breathing but I know they’re there waiting until the coffee maker dripping or the cabinet door squeaking or the faucet running clean water makes them think it’s time to rise.

I’m hiding in the quiet trying to listen.  And trying not to.

Trying not to hear a voice that sometimes whisper this is no good, this is not worth it, this will never amount to food on the table or a new pair of shoes or engine repairs on the truck.  Trying not to believe the lie that if I try, I’m going to be crushed under by the weight of words and judgement and criticism.

Trying instead to listen hard to the hum in my head, the buzz of language and beauty and grace and story that begs to be told somehow in all different ways.

4 thoughts on “Listen To Me {five minute friday}

  1. So much GOOD to hear…and some bad that we have to filter into grace, love, and peace (and quiet). Thanks for stopping by my blog today with encouraging words and empathy! Jennifer


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