Random Acts of…Reading

I’m a reading teacher and it’s less of a job about teaching kids how to read and more about helping them find IT–the book that makes them want to read.

Adolescent literature has grown way beyond Judy Blume and Nancy Drew, left Brian in the woods with his Hatchet, and even forgotten Harry‘s still at Hogwarts.

This year my kids have devoured Hunger Games and it’s sequel, Catching Fire, and they’re ready to stand in line to get their copy of the final chapter, The Mockingjay, when it comes out in August. Post-apocolyptic fiction world with survival of the fittest, haunting similarities to our present, and just a little romance is the perfect recipe for teenagers.

They’re still in the Twilight zone and have passionate discussions about Edward, Jacob, and Bella’s choices. Well, the girls do anyway. The boys would die before they’ll admit they read a vampire love story that’s not really about vampires.

Percy Jackson struck a cord and some are trying to solve the mystery of Skeleton Creek. Then I’ve got some good ‘ol boys who will never believe Where the Red Fern Grows is considered classic historical fiction because it’s about their favorite thing–‘coon huntin’.

So there’s a lot out there for kids to read these days. Way more than when I was an awkward middle schooler, though I still recommend some of my favorites like The Face on the Milk Carton or Maniac McGee. Those are books that never go out of style. I can’t keep copies on my shelf.

But if I’m going to keep doing this teaching thing I’ve got to keep up with the trends. Good thing I’ve always been a fast reader because this summer I’ve got an assignment of my own: read the books I haven’t read that were most popular among my kids this year. To check out my requirements go here. And leave me a comment about your favorite book from your teenage years.

Oh, and if you haven’t read something I’ve mentioned above, check out your local library (or your favorite bookstore) and settle in for some great summer reading.

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of…Reading

  1. I grew up with Nancy Drew, Judy Bloom and the Box car children. Now on to The Hunger Games and I started Catching Fire but knew it would be a while before the third was out so I stopped until closer to August. I love to read. I am glad we share that in come. Sitting next to me right now is a book.


  2. I loved Judy Bloom, Hatchet, and The Face on the Milk Carton, some of my top 10. thanks for giving me some inspiration to make my sister and son a reading summer list, and thanks for following 🙂


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