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Lazy Crazy June

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  I was supposed to be able to kick back and relax once school was officially over.  You know lazy days of summer and all that.

There’s a reason lazy rhymes with crazy.

It’s because you’re crazy if you think a mother of three is allowed to be lazy.

We have been non-stop the past three weeks.  First, it was our impromptu beach trip with Marmee.  Then it was running errands, visiting friends, and dental checkups.  Next came VBS and our houseguests, Aunt Audrey and Hailey Cousin (this is so she is not confused with Hailey Reed).  This past weekend was no down time but here, there, and everywhere as we celebrated Father’s Day with five great dads. 

And this week has brought swimming lessons, wellness checks for Amelia and me, more birthday celebrations, and two days of staff development I agreed to so I could make some extra moula to fund all this summer craziness.

Almost makes me wish we were back in school and following a set routine.  Almost.

Because as crazy as things have been and as difficult a time as I am having dealing with the “supposed to” of life (more in a later post), I wouldn’t trade this random life.

Belle’s first dive at swimming lessons.
Eating dinner with Hailey Cousin.

Aunt Audrey helping out.
Hailey passed out after a hard day.
A pretty good CVS run thanks to SouthernSavers and Laura.  $4 for each pack of diapers!
(and rainchecks for deoderant and toothpaste)

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