Falling for Thankful Thursday

I. Love. Fall.

 It’s my favorite season and this week it’s like the autumn fairies in Belle’s Tinkerbell movie have finally dusted our little corner of God’s country with red and gold.

Even though it’s been almost 80 all week.  And humid.  And rainy.  It’s fall.  I drive home on the little winding country backroads and see the kind of picturesque settings found on postcards or Thomas Kincaide paintings or screen savers.  (yeah, I know that’s totally random, but I have a screen saver with the most gorgeous and soothing pictures on my computer at school.)

So, naturally this Thursday, I’m thankful for fall and all it’s glorious splendor.  And I’m thankful to have three sweet girls who also love…
pumpkins and quirky gourds
hot cider and sugar cookies
hayrides and corn mazes
mums and scarecrows
raking up leaves just to jump
twilight stillness
just cool enough for a scarf
and boots
storing up memories for winter…

Do you know which baby girl this is in the pumpkin bucket?

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