· Manic Monday

A Manic (birthday) Monday

I haven’t had a manic Monday in ages.  
Especially since I quit working (for pay).
Mondays are usually mine and Amelia’s time to rest up from a busy weekend.
Not today.
Today Annabelle is six.
When you are six, you request doughnuts for your birthday breakfast and mommy makes cheese grits too because she knows you love them and it makes her feel less guilty about feeding you powdered sugar for breakfast.
When you are six, you are allowed to invite your ENTIRE kindergarten class to the park for birthday cake and celebrations.  
Except it rained and we had to move part of the party back to your house and your mommy tried really hard not to freak out about it since the house was NOT party ready.
But it was a bigger mess when the party was over so all’s well that end’s well.

But then the rain went away and the sun came back out and we jumped into cars and drove three miles to brave muddy conditions at the park.

When you are six, you pose a lot for pictures.
Actually, your two year old sister poses a lot too.
Maybe it’s because you’re girls.
And when she remembers it, your mom is obsessed with the camera.

When you are six, you are smart enough to stay off this when Daddy is pushing.

When you are six, mommy might forget the birthday candles, so you find your own.  
Tealights make perfect candles and are oh-so-special.
Happy Birthday, Baby Belle!
Thanks for filling my Monday with McDonald’s and cupcakes and laughter.

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