Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Things To Do {Before Baby}

Gus will be here soon.  
And he might appreciate it if I was a tiny bit ready.
Not because a newborn can notice a nursery 
but because nursing is easier when mommy is relaxed(ish).
So getting these things done might help
Top 10 Things To Do {Before Baby}
as in right now:
1. Plant the garden.  Amelia’s already on it.
2.  Find a new home for this very large cardboard box turned playhouse that was supposed to only last through New Year’s.  It’s still here and they still play in it.  We need a new distraction.
3.  Clean out and re-organize my out-of-control (again) kitchen cabinets.  Especially because the upper ones have to make room for baby paraphinalia again.
4.  Organize, and maybe finally make functional, this tiny “linen closet” in the hall bath.  I had to take this picture in the mirror because otherwise you might be disillusioned into thinking it’s a significant size.  It’s very deeply recessed into the wall which translates to: I can’t reach anything at the back of it.
5.  Deal with Amelia’s closet.  At least on a temporary basis until we switch the nursery and the office and Gus moves in with her.  
6.  Deal with Gus’s closet.  Right now, I’m storing all we’ve been given in an armoire, but it’s not as functional as I would like.  Plus, I don’t need 24 mo clothing in with 3-6 month.  But those shelves of boy clothes are a blessing I’m grateful for.
7.  Are you sensing a trend?  This is the big girls’ closet and it’s on the list too. We’re planning an actual real closet system in this one.  IKEA, here we come.
8.  I’ve also got to find room in our already crowded master for the cradle, and if I can manage it, the pack-and-play which we use as a changing station.  We had both set up for Amelia two years ago, but that was before the bookcase and when I was more disciplined about the clutter.  Right now our room is a holding area for anything that’s supposed to go somewhere else.  It’s certainly not a restful retreat…
9.  On the aformentioned bookshelf in the master is one shelf that looks like this.  It’s horrible.  It’s a pile of pictures and memorabilia that belong in baby books or photo albums, NOT piled like this ready to fall off at any moment.  It’s definitely a project that needs tackling.  And I don’t know why I put it off.  I could probably handle it in an hour.
10.  We’re looking to add more storage to that hall bath with the ridiculous “closet”.  I’m thinking some sort of cabinet on that very barren wall.  And mounted towel racks are becoming a must.  Then there are those hairbows to contend with…
So there you have it.  A peek inside my very messy life.  Some people think I’m organized. I probably just shattered all their illusions.  Sigh.
See any project you’re just itching to come help with?
Linking up today with Angie over at Many Little Blessings.
Post inspired by Julia over at Black Tag Diaries.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Do {Before Baby}

  1. Thank God, someone else whose house looks like mine. Except, Lindsey, I don't have nearly the excuse you do. No kids around here–just two very busy college students who also work half-time each!! However, my bathroom is mostly sanitary, the kitchen is fairly clean except for the floor, and I can finally walk into our big walk-in closet without stepping on clean laundry that had been all over the floor for days. So, things could be worse…and I'm sure that's true in your case too!!


  2. Oh baby prep! Isn't it fun? When are you due?

    I've decided to tackle one project per day here, little bites at a time hoping to get my pregnancy to-do list completed 🙂


  3. It almost looks as if you were taking pictures of my closets. LOL
    It always amazes me how much clutter I can get.
    Although it is always rewarding when it gets all cleaned out.
    Have fun baby prepping!


  4. oh girl, i'm the queen of “looking” organized. but when you open my cupboards and closet, the mess comes out! ha ha! it sounds like you are going to take good advantage of nesting! : )

    ps. phew! yes… those are for a food drive, not one recipe. haha!!!


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