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A Few Friday Faves

friday favorite things | finding joy
We’ve been busy this week.  But all in the name of nesting
and spring readiness
and 80 degree days that call for 
massive wardrobe overhauls.

I volunteered for the annual consignment sale so I could shop early.
Thank goodness.
$1.50 over my budget later and my kids won’t be naked.
Thanks to people who can afford Gymboree, they might even be cute 🙂
I picked up a few things for Gus as well.  
Don’t want him to feel left out.
And shopping that section has inspired a blog post you’ll see next week.
I cleaned out the junk drawer this week in search of safety pins.
Now it looks like this.
Ahhh….organized clutter.
And cheapo baskets from Wal-mart because drawer organizers cost like $9.  

Can you believe these sweet faces?
Kayden up top hangs with Amelia and me a few times a week
while him mom goes to nursing school.
Leah Kate just turned one
and is the daughter of my best friends.
Then there’s my sweet angel who consented this week
that “uh-huh” baby brother is coming to live with us.
Just not in her room.
Proverbs 31: Encouragement for Today
Today’s post from Proverbs 31 ministries warmed my heart.
If you’ve ever been stopped by a well-meaning mother in the grocery store
while your child is shrieking and trying to careen the buggy 
anywhere other than the frozen food aisle
and you’re praying you can just get some milk and get out
and then this person says smiles at you and says,
“Have you read The Strong-Willed Child?”
Then it takes all your willpower to grit your teeth and not throw the frozen peas.
You need to read today’s post over at Proverbs 31.
Be encouraged that you are not alone.
Let’s all raise God-following adults and not just good children.
Linking up with Rachel over at Finding Joy.  Check it out.  Be blessed.  Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “A Few Friday Faves

  1. Oh wow, did you score all that stuff at the consignment shop? If so, you did good girlie! My poor son has got to have some new summer duds. If I don't buy some soon he's gonna go naked. My daughter on the other hand is ALWAYS shopping so she stays pretty well stocked up. She's 13 so you can only imagine 🙂


  2. Lindsey — beautiful post! You did awesome at the consignment sale. I love finding deals like — they are such a blessing to one's family.

    Thank you for linking and for the kind words!



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