Ten Moments for Ten Weeks

Today my little man is ten weeks old.

Today he weighs nearly twelve pounds.

Today he is four inches longer than he was ten weeks ago.

Today I will put away another round of onesies and sleepers that are already too small and I will begin pulling tags off shorts and shirts that once seemed impossibly too big.

Today he has been happy, gurgling and cooing with friends at Chic-Fil-A and offering up smiles to anyone who smiles first at him.

Today we had to buy a third round of batteries for the swing because it’s the only place he can really sleep.

Today is another day in which I will tell myself that it’s okay he only sleeps in the swing and remind myself that the alternative is constant crying, choking, and spit up in his hair because it all comes up when he’s lying flat and asleep.

Today I am going to try to remember all three doses of Zantac to help his reflux, although the good news is, even just two doses a day helps tremendously.

Today I will tell myself again that my emotions during my pregnancy didn’t cause his reflux or his lactose intolerance and that other than those little nuisances, he is a perfect baby.

Today when I cuddle him close and watch him fold his hands in sleep I will take just a moment to give him back to the ever loving Father who gave him to me.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Moments for Ten Weeks

  1. I'm catching up here! Porter won't sit in his swing for more than 2 mins. He's the rotten-est one I've had yet. But I'm cherishing every second. You do the same!!! And…it's not your fault that your little guy has reflux. I got over that when #1 had it, then with the other two it's just normal. But man, do they stink at the end of the day!!!;)


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