She’s Naked Again

There’s been a lot of nakedness in my house lately.

Not for that, get your mind out of the gutter 🙂

Amelia has discovered that she likes to strip.  So she does it repeatedly. All. Day.  Long.  When I went out on the back deck to discover her skinny dipping in the kiddie pool under the watchful eyes of her sisters, she informed me, “I WIKE be naked!”

Someday it might not be so cute. Probably the same day she stops lisping, but for now?  I often have to leave the room so I can get the laughing over with before I return to stern-mommy-face.

“Amelia, you really should keep your clothes on.”  Please let me not have to repeat that when she’s a teenager.

It’s tough work raising little ladies.

One thought on “She’s Naked Again

  1. it's a good thing I'm by myself, I probably look like a laughing weirdo. That is hysterical. And oh, you tell the story well.

    And sheesh, yeah, I hope you don't have to repeat that when she's a teenager, too! 😀


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