When Thirty-Something Isn’t All That Bad

Today is my birthday.

Two days ago was Millie’s birthday.

So we’ve been a little busy.

She was confused.  How could it be her birthday on Tuesday when her party was ten days ago.  She just figured it was time for another birthday, obviously, and that it must mean she’s four now.  Ah, no.  Time does not move that fast, my little three-year-old terror toddler.

She’s really a big girl, though.  She sang a little song about herself the other night.  It went like this:

I don’t need my paci–
and I sleep in panties!

Yup, big girl.

I should mention that though that “easy chocolate cake” fell in the middle, it was fudgey deliciousness and was sort of made up since I was lacking ingredients for birthday cake making and have had one of those kind of weeks.

This blog’s getting to be a big girl, too.  Three years.  Three years and 30,800 page views.  So thirty-something is a pretty good number for the blog and for me.

A birthday favor, please?  Share this (or a post that’s meant something to you) and help me grow my following.  A year and a half ago I quit teaching to raise babies and write stories.  Now that I’m finally getting a handle on the first goal, I thought I’d work a bit more on the second.  Help me?  My most popular posts are listed to your right over there.  Who knew the tonsillectomy would make that list?

Now, jump back over tomorrow.  I’ll be linking up with Gypsy Mama and telling you what my mama did
AND I have a special announcement.

NO! I am NOT pregnant!

Blessings and Birthday Wishes!

One thought on “When Thirty-Something Isn’t All That Bad

  1. Congratulations, Lindsey!! And happy birthday again, even though I told you on facebook. 🙂 That cake looks delicious, Amelia makes me laugh, and way to go with the blog!


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