The Super Sweet Blogging Award

Recently, I’ve been posting the blog in some new places (for me) like twitter and that’s how I met Marcy, whose journey through infertility has blessed her family with adoption and given her the opportunity to minister to other women who may be facing the same struggle.  She found me on Five Minute Friday and nominated me last week for this Super Sweet Blogger award.  Unfortunately, I’ve been away from the computer more than usual lately and am just now getting this up!  Blame my husband, whose recovery has forced him to stay home the past two weeks and require entertaining, so he doesn’t get bored and try to work on cash flow analysis (I have no idea what that even is by the way).

So here’she rules as I know them:

  • Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who nominated you
  • Answer 5 super sweet questions
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in your blog post
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers
  • Thanks Marcy for nominating me and giving me some structure to this early morning writing session.

    Super Sweet Questions: 

    1. Cookies or cake: Cake, definitely.  I don’t care what kind as long as there are no nuts or coconut and it’s slathered good with cream cheese frosting.

    2. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate cake, but vanilla ice cream.

    3. Favorite sweet treat: Oreo Cheesequake Blizzard from the DQ.  Don’t try Sonic’s knock-off.  It is NOT the same.  

    4. When do you crave sweet things the most: When I’m stressed, or happy, or have just burned 600 calories and jazzercise and feel like I need to earn back about 400 of them.

    5. Sweet nickname:  I don’t really have a nickname, but my youngest daughter, who is now three, has been affectionately referred to as Millie Moo her whole life.  Now, sometimes, it’s even just “the Moo.”  Probably I should stop before she’s a teenager with a complex.

    Now for a blogcall of 12 Super Sweet Bloggers!   Since the sweetest people I know are real life friends, most of them are making an appearance here.  I’m so blessed by their lives; hope you are too.  Get some sweet sassy creamer in your coffee and happy reading!

    Salena at McKay Moments
    Laura at Garrett News 
    Julia at Black Tag Diaries {it’s Thankful Thursday over there!}
    Jamie at Living in the Light (she’s the sweetest girl I don’t know in real life)
    Debbie at The Stories of Three Boys (and a girl!)
    MaryLynn at Tinsley Times (trying to force her to update regularly!)
    Katie at Get Dolled Up Boutique
    April at Our Life in the Sham
    Amy at Hayes Habits (yes, red wine can be a sweet treat, Amy)
    Angie at Echoes of Laughter
    Natalie at Tears to Joy (read all about her book while you’re there!)

    That’s eleven and I’m stopping.  Guess what I learned from this?  I should really clean out my blogroll…and I don’t know why the font changed randomly.  Thanks, Blogger.

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