Random Acts of….Kindness

Since we’re going to be welcoming a new little bundle into our family VERY soon, I thought I’d start this blog site with a thank you to those who have offered our family many kind thoughts, words, prayers, and actions during the past several months. Joshua and I have been blessed to have a supportive and active church home where we fit right in–everyone else (it seems) was/is pregnant too! It’s been fun to travel this road with so many other experienced and new moms and to be loved upon by those who stepped off that path long ago and are now qualified to help us raise kids as great as theirs. Because we had just moved to Habersham the summer before Annabelle was born, we hadn’t created a network of friends yet and felt somewhat out of the loop. Though we developed many wonderful relationships over the past 4 years, these last 14 months have meant so much. We’ve found our niche, so to speak, and are daily blessed by the presence of church, work, and neighborhood friends who share the joys and desperation parenthood brings. So, for a quick list of the random acts of kindness the Bracketts have experienced lately:

1. The Sunday School class already wants to know when to bring meals and baby isn’t even here yet. I love people who plan ahead.
2. I’ve been advised dozens of times in the last 48 hours to REST, so I don’t feel guilty about starting my leave early and still being in my pajamas at 10 a.m.
3. Mary Lynn says she is stalking me to make sure I’m alright. This is good because if Joshua’s not around, she’s my first pick to drive me to the hospital!
4. Little Dreamer’s happily switched Belle’s regular day from Thursday to Friday, though I suspect they figure this will ensure they are among the first to know when Baby Brackett finally arrives.
5. Bless Laura Garrett who is laboring right now–I was very worried about being induced until she told me how great things went her first time around and that she didn’t have to have any Pitocin, devil drug. God used her words to bring me peace.
6. My awesome midwife who has promised to take good care of me and has finally given me the prenatal experience I wanted since my first pregnancy–the support of the same person getting to know me and my desires for labor and delivery.
7. My mother-in-law keeps making me high carb, high sugar snacks like pumpkin bread…and I keep eating them. I need energy right?
8. My best friend came to visit yesterday…spent the whole day hanging out….and racking up the crazy Belk’s savings. It’s insane that I paid $70 for $400 worth of clothes for the girls and myself…oh, and I got Joshua a sweater.
9. So many people have offered to watch the girls that they’ll need a calendar for all their social engagements.
10. Finally, a not so random act since it’s always the plan, but my mother is sleeping on an air mattress on the floor to help us through the first few days…and she’s cooking whatever I want for my birthday on Sunday. Someday I hope to be as good a mama to my girls.

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