Random Acts of….Week One

Sweet announcements from sweet friends!

So, here’s the first post as an official family of five…three of whom are princesses because to the surprise of many (including this mommy) it was another girl! Amelia Hope was born Friday “was a week ago” as my great-aunt says at 11:10 a.m. And not only was I proven wrong about thinking I was expecting a boy, I was sure wrong about how quickly this labor would progress. Since we went in Thursday night for an induction, and nothing much was happening by 7 the next morning, I certainly didn’t expect to have her in the world before lunch! But…as is the case with all labors and pregnancies, one should expect the unexpected. It was a special time and has lots of sweet and funny moments (like the nurse who fainted during my epidural!), but most importantly, she’s here, she’s beautiful, and we are so blessed.

Week One has taught us many things, such as how to watch a five year old and nearly four year old like a hawk when they hold the baby……how you never forget some things such as how to swaddle up a baby burrito….how much nursing hurts but how sweet it is to hold her close….how no matter what we plan, we will always get the plans of God….and those will be all we could ever want.

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