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Kindergarten Meltdown

I have made an important discovery this week.  Kindergarten causes meltdowns.

Now, at first I thought it was just me.  Well, just Madelynne.  But I have been discussing these, um, situations with other moms of new kindergarteners and we’ve figured it out.

They spend all day being so good that they just explode when they arrive home.  Now I know that I should be grateful that she behaves for her teacher and other adults, that she feels safe at home and knows we will love her no matter how bad the meltdown may be, but seriously?  I’d like to get to experience the politeness and sweetness that I know is somewhere in the middle of all that meldown.

I mean, after all, I did give her life, so I figure I’m entitled to the good child every once in a while.

and that completes #2 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge 😉

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