30 Blog Challenge · Manic Monday

Manic Monday

I have a confession.  I like Mondays.  I know I’m not supposed to.  That Mondays are to be disliked on principle of the fact that they are Mondays.  The first day of the work week and the first day back after what was (hopefully) a weekend of rest.

And they are a little manic.  For instance, Amelia got to wait for the bus at school today because I was running too late to take her first.  My principal said she was a little short for middle school.  And then once I left and was still on time to get back to school, I realized I had to go home to get my pump.  Oh, well.  Manic Monday.

But even so, I like Mondays.  I have more energy on Mondays.  My students are more subdued.  I actually cook dinner most Monday nights (there’s a pork loin in the crockpot right now) and I have even been known to clean a bathroom or mop a floor on Monday.  Today I might even make it to exercise.

I guess Monday just seems like a new beginning every week.  You know teachers and mommies are eternal optomists.  We get up each day believing the it will be better, whether it’s the student’s attitudes or baby’s sleeping habits.   And on Mondays I guess I just have that extra boost of faith.  If today goes well, so will the week.

What do you think about Monday?

3 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I am not a Monday girl at all – I love the weekends when my hubby is at home with us! But you make a good point; fresh starts… maybe I need to change my mind-set ;-)!


  2. As a stay at home mom everyday is the same to me. Especially since Daddy went out last night and didn't return until all boys were soundly asleep! Glad you had a positive attitude today and it must have worked for you b/c you did in fact make it to exercise!


  3. ugh, the bangles had it right mondays are manic indeed. i pretty much hate mondays, but that's mostly because i only get a couple of hours with my hubby (and his help!) before he heads back to work. i'm excited about what community bible study has to hold in the fall, but know it means an even shorter face time with josh on mondays (will probably amount to us scarfing down dinner in front of each other while the boys beg for attention!) that being said, this mondays almost over!!! and we'll never be further away from the next one!


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