Lazy Hazy Daze of Summer Meltdown

Nothing says goodbye to summer like a great big water slide, fish in the fryer, and homemade ice cream.  This past weekend we celebrated family and summertime at my parents’ house, aka Paynes-a-plenty Plantation.  Since a gathering of our extended family at this time is becoming something of a tradition, we decided to give the event an official name and the Lazy Hazy Daze of Summer Meltdown was born!  It’s the perfect summary of a Payne (with a little Beeson, Ashworth, Volz, Stephens, Brackett) family event.  And as we all know, it’s not over until…

Amelia takes a dive in the pool…
…but says, “No worries!”
…Uncle Bubby has fried up a mess of fish…
…Heather and I have posed for what must be our millionth picture together since we were born a day apart…
…everyone’s taken a ride on the Flume of Doom…

…can’t get enough of Amelia’s smile….
…Jonah can’t get enough of the sandbox…
…does this count as a meltdown?
…and Calley’s asleep on the couch!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Daze of Summer Meltdown

  1. I thought the meltdown occurred the next morning??? I love that we have an official name for the event that is now 2 yrs running and I have not had the opportunity to attend one yet. I feel like the black sheep of the family bc I don't live in “walking” distance to the house…yes, I am exagerating just a teensy bit, but still…I'd at least like an invite to the sucker! Miss you and your precious girls! –Aunt Ashley


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