30 Blog Challenge · Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Ah, Monday.  You came too soon this week.  I was still trying to recover from the lost sleep of Amelia cutting her first tooth when you arrived bright and early this lovely (and cool!) morning.  I know I say I don’t mind Mondays so much….but I do mind the feeling that the weekend came and went before I had time to enjoy it, to revel in it, to realize that Monday was coming.  And then you were here.

Not a bad Monday today.  Not so manic.  Just usual business and busy-ness.  Early nursing, lots of coffee, many copies, packing lunches, Madelynne mini-meltdown (she wasn’t ready for you either). 

But you brought me some deep thoughts to ponder.  Just how much do I dread conforming to your schedule?  What am I willing to give up and take on to make Monday just another day in my week?

I’m going to rock my baby now, oh manic of days.  I’ll see you next week.

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