perfectly imperfect

Baring My Fridge

A friend of mine sent me a link to her daughter’s new blog and the first post I read was this one.  The idea of baring the inside of my fridge for all the internet world seems to be the perfect Perfectly Imperfect post.  See if I told you that last night I made some awesome “Kicked Up French Toast” with cream cheese and blueberries and fluffy scrambled cheese eggs on the side and then I posted this picture:

you might mistakenly think I have a fully stocked fridge filled with all sorts of yummy goodness.  In fact, my fridge looks like this:

It’s pathetically empty.  And that half-drunk gatorade is at least two weeks old.  Thank goodness this week is two paychecks and awesome grocery store sales.  I might even brave our new Wal-mart in search of items to fill our shelves.  This make up dinner from what’s on hand gig is getting more challenging everyday. 

On a side note, today is Joshua’s birthday.  I didn’t buy him a gift.  What do you get a man who has everything and this morning when I ask again what he wants, says, “I’d like some coffee.”

Done.  Now let’s see what else I can do perfectly today.

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