Thankful Thursday

Thankful on Friday morning for reflections from Thursday….

On Wednesday we celebrated Joshua’s birthday and though I’ve got a post coming exclusively dedicated to why I am so blessed to have him, I wanted to take a minute and remind myself that I don’t have to raise my kids, clean my house, build a life…alone.  I was given a partner and I am thankful everyday for him.

Madelynne wanted him to wear a birthday crown, so of course he did once I promised it wouldn’t be a princess crown.

This week I’ve been thankful for swim lessons, for people who are confident, patient, and firm with my children in a way that makes them want to do and succeed.  And I got a little glimpse of what Madelynne must be like in a classroom.  I’ll start praying now for her first grade teacher.

I think at this moment they were told to splash, but Madelynne had a habit of splashing even when her feet were supposed to be out of the water.

Pretending to like each other.

Her version of a dive.  We’ll have to work on it.  She says she could do it if we’d buy a house with a pool.

Learning to swim on top of the water as opposed to under it.

This is the child who wouldn’t dare go under water last summer.  Way to go Annabelle!

Finally, I’m thankful for the house wine of the South that gets me through all these hot summer days with shrill girls, wet bathing suits left in the car, and piles of library books that are overdue.  ahhhh…..sweet tea.  There’s nothing like it.  Thank you, McDonald’s for making it cost a dollar and for putting in unsweet when I ask so I feel less guilty.

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. hope joshua had a birthday fitting of a man surrounded by females 😉

    i want the low down on your swim lessons. we did some this week, which was good to get something under our belt, but next year I want to try something a little different. sounds like annabelle was the same way jack is this summer. loves swimming but HATES putting his face under water. here's to hoping he'll have success like she did next summer!


  2. I cannot understand why Joshua wouldn't want to wear a princess crown!
    I totally agree that you all should buy a house with a pool. In fact there is one in our hood for sell that has one! 😉


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