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Making It

After my last post, I am overwhelmed by your encouragement, support, hugs (both physical and virtual), and simply by the sheer amount of folks who actually do read this random little blog.  Thank you all for caring about these words and these ramblings.

I’m doing better.  Nothing to do now but bumble on through to the end and try to keep my sanity intact.  I hope you all are praying for my husband as well!

Today I wanted to link up with Rachel not because I want to make a list or add to my one thousand gifts journal.

Today I just want to savor some sweet moments amid all the chaos.

Like the fact that I am absolutely enthralled by Amelia.  I can’t remember my big girls at this age.  Those memories are clouded by the strain of two under two, a full-time job, and really bad post-partum depression brought on by my hypothyroidism.  But somewhere along this journey of motherhood third time, I decided to pay a bit more attention.  Suddenly she’s (finally!) stringing words together, such as, “Shoes, ‘kay?”  And those shoes she put on by herself (wrong feet of course).  She’s obsessed with turning lights on and off, Winnie the Pooh, and gives fabulous tea parties.  This week she also informed me when I called her big girl, “NO!  Baby!”  Guess we’ll have to work on that.

Annabelle is my most stubborn child, but she likes rules.  And systems.  And boundaries.  She functions just fine once she knows where the line is.  She just made herself a “stoplight” to help us monitor her behavior at home.  It’s just like what her teacher does in kindergarten because anything Mrs. Fry does is the only way something should be done.  She’s our neat one, too, always coloring perfectly and making her bed.

Then there’s Madelynne.  We figure she’ll grow up and find a job that just pays the bills so that in her spare time she can create pottery or abstract paintings or knit or rescue horses and dogs.  She’s all over the place.  We call her Tigger sometimes because she’s exactly like that.  And thanks to Amelia, we’re all experts on that cast of characters.  Her backpack is stuffed with old papers, pencils, candy wrappers, gloves, hat, scarf, a necklace, and half-eaten snacks.  She can’t ever find anything, will read anything, and sometimes melts all over me.

Sometimes I think we might be a lot alike.

They’re something else these daughters of mine.  I hope this baby boy comes out ready to tango with these sissy monsters.

Oh, and it’s Friday.  Savor that over an icy margarita or a nice glass of wine if that’s your style.  Or you can be like me and plan to eat pizza with a friend while kids twirl around in the background.

Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Making It

  1. Isn't cool how, when you look at all the things you have to be thankful for, the things you don't have seem so much less important?

    Oh, thank you for sharing this about your beautiful girls. I love “getting to know” them a little more. I wish I could meet you all in person! I think I'm the most like Annabelle…but I definitely have some things in common with Madelynne, too. 🙂


  2. When you girls are all grown up you'll be amazed, amused, and humbled when you see and hear yourself in them. And recognize parts of yourself in their personalities and talents. Love you, girl! Good to see you yesterday.


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