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Favorite Spring Things

We’re reveling in spring around here.  Except it’s 80 degrees and climbing so spring feels a bit summer like, except in the mornings when it’s still below 50 and my girls are shivering in their short sleeves and flip-flops.

That’s why they wear funny hats.

Okay, not really.  Really they just like to pose for pictures.


Amelia’s really into hide and seek right now.  As in, I’ll hide my face from you and you can’t see that I’m eating a Lalaloopsy toy.  Again.

Gus’s name is long.  I don’t love it.  But I love all the people we’ve named him for, except I never met Joshua’s grandfather’s father (who was Augustus).  I do love Harmon (Joshua’s grandfather) and he’s excited to have a Gus again.  I love my grandaddy too. He’s the Deforrest and he told me not to saddle this child with that name.  Ah, well.  Maybe he’ll be a big-shot lawyer who needs four names.  Or a missionary in Africa who is glad Gus is easy to say and spell.

Aunt Calley made this banner by the way.  Isn’t she creative?

She also had a bike accident with Amelia who’s had a rough boo-boo week.  And in Calley’s defense she was injured worse.

Amelia also hung out with Mimi yesterday and somehow sliced her heel open.  It’s worse than the minor arm scrapes from biking.

But don’t worry, she’ll still tell you what to do and how to do it.  Sassafrass of a two year old.

Have I mentioned she loves men?  We are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  This is my friend Tiff’s husband, Daniel.  He’s one of those great dads who sits in the little chairs during the preschool puppet show so that Amelia and his own girl, Violet, will behave.

‘Course Amelia’s got a pretty good daddy, too.

He helped her get crafty during the preschool Easter celebration Wednesday night.

This is my favorite Friday picture.

Have a blessed weekend and a beautiful Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Favorite Spring Things

  1. Love the silly hats pic, too cute! Poor Ameilia, what a boo boo week. Bless her heart, hope her weekend goes better for her. Those last two pics melt my heart. I love good daddy's 🙂

    You guys have a great weekend!!!!


  2. i tried replying to your comment via email, but your email address was not attached to it… the jibbitz are okay. they'll probably only last one summer (definitely cheaper material than real crocs) but my kids will outgrow them anyway so i suppose it's fine. : ) oh yeah, about The Hunger Games… if you can tell me, in a few sentences without taking up too much of your time, how it ends, feel free. : ) you're sweet!


  3. Love the last picture as well! So sweet and priceless!! And those two year olds? Oh my oh my oh my — I totally get it.

    Thanks for linking!


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