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Dear Twenty-Two (a lesson in marriage)

Dear Twenty-Two, Look at you, so flush with love and naivety in your crinoline and Scarlett O’Hara curls. Wedding day dress up. But you don’t know, twenty-two, what I know now. Thirty-seven and fifteen years later. You don’t know anything about marriage or motherhood or making every moment count. You don’t know about mortgages and… Continue reading Dear Twenty-Two (a lesson in marriage)

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Yes, We Are Homeschooling This Year

I’ve been skirting around the proclamation for over a month. Dancing around the possibility for a few years. Making peace with the decision since we decided to jump the county line. Yes, we are homeschooling this year. Never thought I’d really say those words. Much less about having all three of my girls home a… Continue reading Yes, We Are Homeschooling This Year

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Mardi Gras, Aqua Notes, and Marriage

Last week I told you what’s saving my life right now. This week there’s a “holiday” around the corner so I thought I’d tell you what’s saving my marriage. Not that it needed saving per se–but a good marriage is like a faithful car. It needs a little maintenance and every now and then, deserves… Continue reading Mardi Gras, Aqua Notes, and Marriage

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You’ll Always Be Enough {especially for his birthday}

Today is your birthday and we’re both 34 years old and feeling it in the arms and legs and hands that tangle together in a second-hand bed you bought to be big enough for us and four dark-eyed babies who, no matter their age, still crawl in to snuggle on early mornings. Last night the… Continue reading You’ll Always Be Enough {especially for his birthday}

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His Hands {Five Minute Friday}

On Fridays the writers gather at Lisa Jo’s. We write in five minute increments like ones scared braved.  We’re not supposed to edit or backtrack or overthink, though everyone confesses to at least once and that’s why there’s grace for even the most ordinary or writing tasks. Except on Fridays five minute ordinary becomes extraordinary.… Continue reading His Hands {Five Minute Friday}

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One Little Corner of Sanity {Behind the Scenes}

We’re rearranging.  Again. Either we’re furniture moving junkies or incredibly indecisive.  Or both. But really, it’s just that we keep trying and trying to figure out how to live best in the space we have (that whole contentment struggle) and so that necessitates constant motion until we get it right. Or until I get a… Continue reading One Little Corner of Sanity {Behind the Scenes}