Top 10 Tuesday

Blogging Hiatus: 10 Reasons Why

I know you all are suffering in my hiatus from blogland.

I know I am.

My husband pointed out that this would have been a great time to have guest bloggers and I reminded him that guest bloggers still require me to have computer time free from school-filters that inhibit my ability to post.

Truthfully I think he’d rather I make supper.

But tonight I’ve got about 8 minutes to tell you what we’ve been up to that’s keeping me so busy, so what’s the perfect quick catch-up?

A Top Ten Tuesday list of course!

Ten Reasons I’ve Been on Blogging Hiatus
Gus doesn’t like having a working mommy, even if it’s only temporary.  So he makes his opinion known in the only way he can: he attaches himself to me and nurses nearly all. night. long.
It requires two hands to pack lunches that are better than the school cafeteria pizza and cheese sticks.
At some point laundry has to be folded.  Or at least removed from the dryer.
Sixth graders need a lot of help opening lockers.  Then they expect their teachers to remember and recall at will their exact combination 24 hours later when they still can’t open it by themselves.
MOPS starts next week!!! 
(and for some reason it’s okay for me to be in charge of that)
I had over 600 unread emails in my inbox.  Not kidding.  I might be a digital hoarder.
My brain is on overdrive for 18 out of 24 hours and right now, my thoughts won’t settle into coherency.
I have been spending a little too much time on Pinterest because it’s not blocked by school filters and is a good distraction when I’m pumping.  Again.  For my apparently starving baby.
I am easily distracted by things like facebook, email, and the Harvard Baseball team.
Once I sit down, I’m too tired to move again.  Even if it’s only ten feet down the hall to sit down again.
Ever had a great excuse for not doing something you love??

2 thoughts on “Blogging Hiatus: 10 Reasons Why

  1. Yes. I'm not blogging much right now either. I don't like it…but school started. And suddenly in addition to all the work I was doing at home and out of the house all summer, now I have eighteen hours of classes a week, about that much homework or more, and eleven more hours of work.

    Blogging? ha!


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