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What Three Weeks Can Bring

Three weeks is long enough.  Or short enough as the case may be.

I just spent three weeks as a sub over on the other side of the county at the middle school that was the arch rival for the place where I used to spend most hours of my day.

And after only three weeks, I am learning to embrace new notions about myself as an educator…but mostly I have discovered new ideas about myself as a mom.

Days move more quickly when you’re out the door with the sun and begging for bed instead of lingering over one more blog, one more episode on Netflix, one more cup of coffee.

Days are long enough, however, for those babies I left at home to change and grow and become when I’m not there to see it.

Did you know it only takes six days of preschool for a two year old to learn to sing the ABC song and that age-old classic about the bumblebee?

It only takes three weeks for a baby boy to outgrow my favorite sleeper with the zipper.

Over three weeks that same baby boy might cut a tooth.  Or two, prompting this mama to rummage for baby books to confirm that, yes, he is three months ahead of his sisters’ chomping timelines.

In three weeks sixth graders come to believe that the sub is their teacher and they look at me a little skeptically when I announce she’ll be back on Monday.

Three weeks can drain a checkbook when mama is too tired to cook and AWANA starts in less than an hour and dance got out late and McDonald’s is just too easy.

But not too good unless it’s a mocha frappe after a hard day’s work.

Three weeks taught this mama that planning is essential, menus are a necessity, and hands-free pumping can be achieved.

But it’s pumping nevertheless, and I’d rather just nurse.

Because three weeks taught me ultimately that I’d rather stay home than have a fancy house or a new car or a mocha frappe everyday.

Some things aren’t worth missing, even for only three weeks.

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