Just Random

I just want you all to know that I blog all day long.  When I’m washing dishes, folding baby socks, changing diapers, concocting recipes, driving school pickup, wondering for the thousandth time how toothpaste got there…..I’m blogging. It’s just all that steady stream of consciousness that sounds so great in my head but rarely makes it to here.

I want to tell you about the awesome enchiladas I made tonight.  I want to write about how Amelia told me today she was talking to God “about how Him filled up all the water.”  (It was raining.)  I want to share Santa’s phone number with you.  Annabelle told me it was 040404 because when you type that on the a calculator and turn it upside down it says “hohoho.”  I want to get some feedback on what I should really consider for Madelynne’s Christmas since she’s asked for everything from a horse to an ipad to legos to a diary.  Of course, those first two are out.

But it’s late in this up-twice-or-more-a-night mama’s world and I’m on sub duty tomorrow because dance lessons don’t pay for themselves and the baby might have just cried himself to sleep.

Pictures soon.  Recipes soon.  Less rambling soon.


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