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a little bit of time

The flu visited our house this weekend.  It never fails that the calendar turns to December and my second child spike a temp.  Usually it’s strep, but I guess the tonsillectomy back in February opened her throat up for different viruses to hang out.  Apparently, when one person is diagnosed, everyone gets treated.
Everyone got a basket of meds since we’re still treating Amelia’s ear infection and Gus’s reflux and before this the counter looked like the clearance shelf at Rite Aid.  Now at least I can pretend it’s more organized.
So what do you do when you’re hiberating with flu germs?

The family that medicates together….

plays RISK together.

This is world domination by a six year old.  She stockpiled all her armies in a silent attack while her daddy and I were trying to annihilate one another and next thing we knew she had a presence in half the world.  All the blue and pink?  That’s Annabelle.  We ran out of pieces for her!  It was quite reminiscent of this back in October.

.There she is taking us all to the bank in Monopoly.  Literally.  She foreclosed on all my property and had more net worth than everyone else combined.

In a few more years, we know who will be in charge of all the family finances and assets.

On another note, this little man

finally has a couple of top teeth to match those pearly whites on the bottom.

That’s all I’ve got today…

One thought on “a little bit of time

  1. Hope everyone feels better soon! Smart thinking on your docs part to medicate you all. My doc likes to do it individually which just drags it out over weeks time!


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