Belong {five minute friday}

Oh.  my. heavens.  I stayed up late and joined the Five Minute Friday madness on twitter with #fmfparty. Can’t even keep up.  And today Lisa Jo became a dual citizen of our country and hers and to celebrate she gave us all a piece of 1000 Gifts and had Ann Voskamp guest post.  

Too much goodness in one day to not go to bed happy.

So grab five minutes of your day and join the fun.  Ann’s prompt was…


Today she made a choice.  She chose to belong to the land of the free and the home of the brave and she posted all these amazing photos on Instagram of waving stars and stripes and beaming folks and hugs all around.  She chose today to belong.

I was born belonging here.  No one ever made me take a test to prove my citizenship or swear an oath to believe in America.  My rights were stamped on a birth certificate in a hospital in Dawg country and my anthem has always been more chicken fried than star-spangled.

I take it for granted this beautiful land and amazing freedom.

My kids lit candles tonight to eat their brownies by and out of the blue I started talking about that choice she made today and how it all comes down to the choosing.  That we take for granted what we’ve been born with and had given us, but we take to heart that which we have chosen.  That for which we made a conscious decision.  That for which we found late nights and early mornings and perfect moments to understand.

That choice that Jesus puts back on us to give back to him.  That choice to belong to the King or to belong to the world.

I chose a dual citizenship for now, but someday I’m going to the home where my heart truly lies.

12 thoughts on “Belong {five minute friday}

  1. Oh good gracious this gets me all teary. I LOVED sharing today with so many of you all. The gift of community and country. Thank you for that today.

    warmest wishes


  2. I talk to my kiddo's all the time about what a privilege it is to be born here. That they could have very easily been born as one of the children we see on the compassion websites. I pray I never take that for granted. Also I loved watching her post pics and updates about it all day! I'm so excited for her!!


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