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31 Days Embracing Motherhood: the good, the bad, the ugly…

motherhood moments I embraced this weekend….and moments when Jesus embraced me and met our momentary needs….
knowing the ER doc at one in the morning on a friday night
impromptu alone time (well, just one baby) with my husband all weekend

when my mama buys my daughter shoes i really can’t afford right now
 and calls it early christmas
three half-pecks of apples waiting for apple butter, apple pie, apple cake and girls’ lunches
who knew they could go so far?
all the ingredients for dinner in the freezer or the pantry 
when the baby finally takes a nap that lasts longer than 45 minutes
homemade buttermilk biscuits and pear preserves

ibuprofen/tylenol/ibuprofen/tylenol every.4.hours.for.two.days
but it worked.
accidents in amelia’s panties…but at least she’s wearing panties

maybe someday i will be as cool as my mama and take my grandchildren
backpacking on the AT

so many g-diapers and i didn’t spend a dime (thanks Amy!)
the guilty feeling when i realize that i have elderly relatives right here who need me
and children who love to visit their greats so we will go more often

Leave a comment and tell me some moments you’ve embraced lately; let me know my words aren’t just going into the abyss 🙂

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