A Really Short Story about Short Stories

My first short story came out on Saturday. In a real live magazine that you can subscribe to online or read in print (especially if you’re my mama and you’re waiting on my complimentary copy). I’m all sorts of tingly thrilled while at the same time, like all writers do, trying not to over analyze that on that same day I found out I’m not a finalist in a contest I entered.

This writing business is a lot of hurry up and work while you wait. Then news come down all at once and it’s all elation and pits of despair because I rarely seem to just land in the middle of that swinging pendulum.

But still, I get to call myself a real, live published writer. And over the next few months, I’ve already received confirmation that three more pieces are coming out. Another short story in Splickety Prime (this one’s my take on A Christmas Carol because I can’t go through the season without a Scrooge reference) and some little anecdotes for Thriving Family magazine which you can get for FREE right here.¬†

So after years of talk and scribble and dream and excuse I’m finally doing this writer thing. Not just the blogger thing because they are both the same and different in all sorts of ways.

It’s all crazy coincidence and God’s timing. You know how I met the blog editor for Splickety?(Sometimes I guest post over there.) She’s friends with Jennifer. Who I roomed with at Allume, because I didn’t know anyone and she put out a notice on the Facebook page that she needed a roomie. Then seven months later I’m in a keynote address at a different conference and she sends me an Instagram notification that I need to meet her friend Bethany because she’s deduced from our pictures that we’re in the same room at right that very moment. Which gave me the courage to meet these people who teach classes at this conference I’d never been to before and led to enough confidence to submit and well, that’s the rest of the story.

Oh, and Bethany and I have back to back stories in the current issue. Which made Jen and me all sorts of giddy.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Pounding the keys in a different sort of telling. The kind that’s hopefully going to lead to a completed manuscript by Christmas.

I’m writing stories.

I tell you true ones here. But it’s my hope that someday when you pick up a novel with my name on it, you’ll find those ringing of the same.

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