Random Acts of…Mother’s Day

You know the best thing about Mother’s Day? The gifts kids make for you at school. God bless preschool teachers in May.

Belle has been telling me for days that she made me a present at school but I couldn’t have it yet because it wasn’t Mother’s Day. When her daddy told her on Sunday that today was Mother’s Day, she said, “Oh gosh! Mommy’s gift is at school. Do you want to know what it is Mommy? It’s a candle and I painted it for you!”
Well, actually, it’s a baby food jar repurposed as a tealight holder that’s been boldly finger painted. It is gorgeous.
Madelynne brought me a finger painted jar as well, but hers contained something every teacher needs: a pen adorned with a flower so I will know it’s mine if someone tries to steal it. She also dictated a card to her teacher and then signed it herself. The best part is this:
My mom is “berry special”. Here’s why!
My mom looks pretty when she’s wearing a dress and going to Sunday School. My mom’s favorite thing to do is feed Amelia. I love my mom because she lets me watch TV sometimes.
Gotta love the things that they observe and think and love.
They also visited Bath&Body Works with their daddy on Saturday evening and came home with a fabulous bag full of goodies. Needless to say my house and skin will be smelling really good for awhile!
Check back later and I’ll have some pictures of all my goodies posted. And stay tuned, I’ve got an awesome home improvement project to show off too! Let’s just say that #12 on Making the Sale has been accomplished courtesy of my sweet husband and patient father-in-law.

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of…Mother’s Day

  1. oh my cuteness…your favorite thing to do is feed Amelia. I'm sure you would agree when you are in your bathroom at school pumping, but not when you are up at 2 am! So sweet of you to let her watch tv sometimes.
    glad your day was good, hope the night is too!


  2. Oh how I love, love, love my tealight candle holder! Hailey made me a note in Sunday School that says “I love my mommy more than chicken nuggets”. Don't we just have the sweetest girls?!


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