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Random Acts of….Home

There’s a For Sale sign in my yard. With my agent’s name and number and everything. So, it’s official. We’re FOR SALE.

I dream of the call where Kathy says, “We got an offer. Asking price. Close immediately.” And of course we say yes, yes, yes! and pack up and move on to a new phase in our lives that may or may not include pink countertops and hardwood floors. (Hoping for one, can do without the other.)
But, let’s be realistic. Or maybe not. I mean, after all, we’ve done the house-on-the-market-forever deal so it’s our turn to get a little bit of luck, right? If only life worked that way and you really were rewarded good for bad in even doses. But so often (to modify a Little Dreamer’s phrase) you “get what you get and shouldn’t pitch a fit.”
So, I’m going to hold onto Hope (literally because it’s Amelia’s name and so fitting for right now in our lives) and make peace with understanding that the sale will happen when it happens and God’s timing on it will be as perfect as He desires it to be.
In the meantime, our agent asked me to list all the things I like about our house, so the other night at our dinner date, Joshua and I did just that. I think we were both surprised by how long our list was.
We love our backyard. It’s a great space for the kids to play and it’s fairly level with enough woods to make Joshua happy.
I love our hardwood floors. If I had my way there would be no carpet in any house I own, ever. Wood has so much personality AND is easier to clean when juice gets spilled. Ours are wide planks of honey gold and make our house unique. In fact, it was what I fell in love with when we first saw the place.
We love that even though it’s small, we have 4 bedrooms. Until Amelia, we actually had an office AND a guest room which seems like a luxury.
I love my big tub. It has jets which I can take or leave, but it’s huge enough for me at 9 months pregnant! The girls love it too. It’s like a mini-pool. I love my kitchen sink for almost the same reasons, except I don’t fit in it. But Amelia does. It’s deep and cast iron and can hold a LOT of dirty dishes.
We love our location. And that’s something no amount of HGTV can change. This end of the county is fantastically rural and charming, but still captures the small town suburb feel. There are lots of friends nearby, the church and my school are both 5 minutes away, and we are just that closer to other NE Georgia places I love like Unicoi, Hiawassee, and Anna Ruby Falls.
It is a great little house for a little family. But our family is growing and then there’s extended family and new friends and the girls want an inside pet…..It’s time for more. Square footage that is. I’m not sure any house can top the friendships that we’ve found and the memories we’ve made on this little road in northeast Georgia.

4 thoughts on “Random Acts of….Home

  1. i love reading your posts. good luck with the sale. i think your house is adorable! here is a principle i learned at bible study last night: God's plans for your life come with His timing too. see you sunday!


  2. Yay for the house being for sale. His plan is perfect as well as the home and buyer for you. It will come. It is great that you stopped to smell the roses. We all need to remember the things we love about our home. it is a home because we make it that way


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