Miscellany Monday

So I’m really trying to figure out how to put the button for this link up on my actual post as opposed to the side, so any suggestions for that endeavor would be greatly appreciated since it is driving me crazy that I can’t figure this out.  I mean Molly figured it out.  And the button is cute.  And I like Carissa’s lowercase letters.  So why can’t I figure this out?

Rant over.

1.  I absolutely cannot wait for June.  Except I can because I don’t want to miss all these moments of my girls still being little.  Except I can’t because I am always overwhelmed and trying to do too much and I can’t wait to reduce that.  A friend advised me not to take on too much next year just because I’m staying home and folks think that means I have free time for more commitments.  Hello, commitments.  You are the reason I am going crazy.

2.  I am an overly controlling freak. Tonight I criticized the methods Joshua was using to make spaghetti.  Actually I just asked things like, Aren’t you going to wait until the water boils to add the pasta?  and Did you season the meat?  What I should have said was, Thanks for making dinner and it tastes delicious.  What possesses me to believe that I’m the only one who knows how to do things?

3.  If I keep griping like this no one is going to want to read my blog.  It’s rather depressing.

4.  My sister is rambling in my ear right now about her manic Monday trip to the doctor’s office with her kiddos.  She can’t understand why college sister (who lives with her) didn’t want to come and help.  She said Kelsey just sat in the house and enjoyed the quiet.  Well, I would have too.  Don’t tell Katy.

5.  Speaking of Kelsey, my niece called me the other night to tell me that Aunt Kelsey made soupy mac and cheese from the blue box and she didn’t eat it.  Kelsey said she made it in the microwave and what was the problem?

6.  I am dreaming of organizing and redecorating.  Now I need some tips on how not to overwhelm myself or spend gobs of money since I have a budget the size of an empty envelope.  Should I finish the living room or move on to the chaos of the office/storage room/bane of my house?  I’m at the point with so many projects in my head that I can’t even fathom where to begin on any of them.  Do you ever feel like that?

7.  I’m wondering how many people actually read this blog.  I’d love you to follow if you do.  And stay tuned because I’ve got big plans for this in a few months.

8.  Amelia’s birthday is two days before mine.  She needs nothing.  I think we should skip gifts for her and just get Mommy presents this year since last year I was un-acknowledged and it was a big one.  How selfish is that?

Katy is still talking to me.  She and Kelsey should not be left alone for too long.  

7 thoughts on “Miscellany Monday

  1. joshua was cooking and you were complaining!!! shame on you. if chris was cooking, i would be passed out on the floor! 🙂 i do have to give it to him though…he is the only one making money around here.

    also, check out she has some great organization tips…and they aren't meant to overwhelm. her philosophy is to organize in small units, like 15 mins at a time. that has helped me a lot.


  2. 6. Do the living room. Repurpose curtains/ sheets/ whatever fabric from around the house. Just relocating your old stuff can give it new life. I vote living room since you really do spend gobs of time in there. And, you know paint is the cheapest way to makeover anything.

    8. I fully support your all-mommy approach to your birthday. Micah's birthday is 6 days after mine and one day after our anniversary, AND Jared's birthday is 10 days before mine. What with Jared not being a planner (thus the funds run out), I pretty well never get much of 'do for my birthday ever.

    I love, love, love your blog. It sounds just like you. And I really like you and miss you. Last week, we told each other stories of back when we all went to church together in Rome and loved “grilling out” at your house and that one really great Thanksgiving with your whole crazy, enormous family. Please keep writing! Are you still working on any fiction?


  3. I think you start with small projects, like your laundry area, etc. Hopefully, some cute organizational bins, fabric, etc. can help make the space more of what you want it. That way you won't get too overwhelmed, also if it takes you a few weeks it will at least be a smaller, hidden area rather than a half painted living room.

    Also, when you compose your blog do you use the 'compose' tab or the 'edit HTML' tab? I would guess you could type your blog entry, then hit that 'edit HTML' tab, then copy and paste the HTML code from the lowercase website. I haven't tried it though, so I'm not sure if this will work or not?


  4. I write (and rewrite) a lot of lists. It's very satisfying to scratch things off (like “take a shower” for instance). And it helps to keep me focused.
    Being a stay-at-home mom is a very easy way to lose sight of WHY you want to be a stay-at-home mom. That is, to be more available to your kids. Try to keep that in mind when you are asked to commit to things when you already feel over-committed. You aren't saying no to the request, you are saying yes to better time with your family.


  5. #1 why do we insist in “over committing ourselves?”
    #2 are we twins?
    #6 what a beautiful dream… there are so many areas around here that I need to work on.
    #7 I read, but don't always comment… don't you hate lurkers! Can't wait to see what's in store for your blog
    #8 I like it!


  6. Oh Linds…I just love having a little look into that mind of yours!

    #1–jealous of the new adventure your life is about to take, but don't forget to savor the last bits of working and the role you fill to so many students on a daily basis. You are amazing in the classroom and your school shoudl be saoking up every last moment with you!

    #2–ditto here. Learning to be appreciative can be a hard lesson. Admitting you ahve a problem is the first step. Trust me I know from experience!

    #3–don't ever apologize for putting your life out there. That's why we read. We don't want to read fiction here, just the truth about what is going on in your life (and it's a beautiful life by the way!)

    #5–I hate soupy, watery mac n cheese. Thick n creamy or I won't touch it.

    #6–don't be afraid to purge and truly get rid of certin things. SIMPLIFY! You don't need gobs of “things” just to reclutter up your house. Starting with a blank canvas can make you see what you truly need and don't need. Find one pattern (a pillow, curtain, etc.) and pull colors from there. Stick with small changes at a time. PAINT! It is cheap and if you hate it then you just do it over. Oh, and go shopping with me at Ross or TJMaxx…I'll help you spend the money in the empty envelope 🙂

    #8–this to will be the story of my life soon and therefore I whole-heartedly adopt this theory and will shower only you this year with blessings and gifts…Amelia who???


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