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Random Acts of….Runaways

Tonight after a less than perfect day of kindergarten and an afternoon of meltdowns, Madelynne announced she was running away.  The only true way to capture this moment of assertive independence is through the following transcript.  I’m the italics, obviously.

Mommy, I am just going to run away.  What do you think about that?

I think you need to eat supper first.

Well, after supper I am just going to run away to the backyard.

Oh.  Well, where are you going to sleep?

In the tent.

Hmmm.  That’s hard to set up by yourself.  Would you like some help?

Yes.  After supper you can help me run away.


Actually, Mommy, I think I might run away to Mrs. Mary Lynn’s house instead.  I promise to walk in the grass when I go on the road.

Oh, really?  What if Mrs. Mary Lynn doesn’t have enough room for you?

She does.  I can sleep on the sofa.

Well, alright.  Here’s your supper.

a few minutes later…

Mommy, I am going to pack now.  You need to help me.

What if Mrs. Mary Lynn isn’t home?

a phone call is placed.  there’s no answer.

Maybe you should stay here a little while and take a bath first.

I could just take a bath at Mrs. Mary Lynn’s.

No.  She has boys and you can’t take a bath with them.  Come get in Mommy’s big tub and pretend it’s a swimming pool.

Can I wear my bathing suit?


after bath is over….

Mommy, I’m all packed to go to Mrs. Mary Lynn’s.  I think I need some food, though, like marshmallows.

You know, Madelynne, it’s almost dark.  Maybe you should wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow you will take me there to run away?

Tomorrow I will take you to run away.

Okay, then.  I’ll run away tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Random Acts of….Runaways

  1. Awww! I wish it was Mrs. Mary Lynn she really wanted to run away to but I think she was really running up here to play with my boys. Actually it was their fault I didn't answer the phone. They were taking showers.
    Love that girl!


  2. bless mommy's heart too! glad you convinced her to bathe and sleep on it.

    i keep forgetting to share a couple of observations from when i had madelynne's class at church a couple of weeks ago…they may qualify as madelynne-isms! 🙂

    sorry, your big girl is having such a rough transition and giving you such meltdowns, but at least she's giving you plenty to blog about in your 30 day challenge!

    on the bright side you only have to do the first week of kindergarten with two more girls…oops! I'm thinking that wasn't such a bright side.

    love ya, girl!


  3. oh dear…I cannot believe she wanted to run away! Sounds like me when I lived at home some days…I ran away to the barn sometimes. Remember the time I ran away to the field bc I couldn't get the washer to start and no one would help me so I called 911 for help?? It was an emergency…I needed my shirt washed for school the next day! LOVE YOU…ASHLEY


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