30 Blog Challenge · Frantic Friday

Frantic Friday

As long as it’s weird to say I like Mondays, I might as well admit that I find Fridays pretty tough.  By Friday we’re tired.  Exhausted.  Flattened.  Drained. 

The result is frantic.  We tend to oversleep on Fridays and rush through our morning in 45 minutes or less.  I forget things and am not motivated to prepare for the next week.  The girls are whiny and grouchy and gearing for meltdowns.

Ah, but the beautiful thing about Fridays happens about mid-afternoon when I start to perk up and realize that I don’t have to rush through tomorrow morning, or worry about an unplanned lesson, or stress that Amelia may not have enough milk for her breakfast feeding.

Because tomorrow is Saturday.  Lovely, simple Saturday.

One thought on “Frantic Friday

  1. hooray! another week down…enjoy your Saturday, sweet friend.

    did you get the message about Kidz Life? I'm hoping that means JH rehearsals will all be moved up to 6:30!


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