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Like a .99 Burger

Forgive the title.  We’re working on understanding figurative language in my super-exciting 7th grade reading class, so as I thought about what I would post tonight, I considered how I feel smooshed.

What?  It’s a word.  You know, smooshed.  Smashed down.  Flattened.  Like a .99 hamburger that’s not worth much because, let’s face it, it’s hard to get quality for less than a dollar. 

Unless you’re stacking a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon on triple coupon week and its B1G1. 

That’s never happened to me because couponing is one of the many things I attempt but don’t do perfectly. 

My problem is I’m doing too many things.  This has been a flaw of my life.  I was in nearly every club and organization in high school, but I wasn’t outstanding at anything.  Nowadays, I juggle home and church and school and play practice and blogging and quiet times and friends and facebook and family and laundry.

Oh, the laundry. 

This is last week’s picture.  That laundry basket is still in the same place.  It’s just full of different laundry.  It never ends, does it? And I just remembered that I put a pile on my bed thinking I would fold it.  Yeah, right.

I’m not perfect. But I’m always trying to be.  I have this misconception that perfect people can handle lots of activities and still have a clean house and a happy family. 

I think those people only live in my tv. 

Unfortunately, I’m as flat as they are right now because I’ve let life flatten me out rather than letting love fill me up.

I’m beginning to make commitments to things I love.  Family.  Friends. Writing.  Scripture. 

But I’ll never be perfect. 

Thank goodness, because if I was, what would I blog about?

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3 thoughts on “Like a .99 Burger

  1. another fabulously honest post! if it helps, i love this idea, but am sooo imperfect i haven't gotten around to incorporating it into my blog routine. wait! who am i kidding? i don't have a blog routine!


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