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Letting Go

I have come to the realization that if I am going to make it as a busy working-outside-the-home mom of three, I’ve got to let some things go.  Like using real plates for dinner every night.  I mean the Dixie Ultra I got on sale with a coupon are cute and functional and NOT in my sink right now.

For that matter, I’ve let go of feeling like I HAVE to make dinner every night.  Tonight we had leftovers jazzed up with a new box of Rice-a-Roni.  Sometimes we have sandwiches (and sometimes they’re even grilled!)  Often we have breakfast (pigs in a blanket are a food group).  When things are really hectic, cereal is the go-to meal.  And that is okie-dokie, especially with four year olds.

I’m learning to let go of my crazy worries that really aren’t worth my time.  Who cares if I’m not always invited to go somewhere?  Who cares if Madelynne’s socks don’t match her outfit?  Who cares if I don’t iron Joshua’s shirt but hang it up and figure it’ll get wrinkled when he gets in the truck anyway?  Who cares if I grocery shop without coupons?

Okay, I admit, I’m having a really hard time with the last one.  I mean, once you pay less than $2 a box for Kellogg’s cereal and $5 a pack for Pampers there’s no going back.

So, other than that I’m doing pretty good with the letting go.  Just call before you come to my house because neatness was let go about six months ago and is on furlough until further notice.

6 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Iron Joshua's shirt??? My husband usually works from home but he is going into the office each day this week. IF he wants or needs something ironed, he knows where the iron is and how to use it – it actually stays under his sink! A lot of times he uses it more than me – when I am nursing the baby before work, he helps me by ironing my clothes for work.


  2. One day I will be a good wife and go to all the coupon effort. And then I too will be addicted to the great deal. Until then I will just let it go with you. And we are still GREAT Moms!


  3. good for you! let it go, girl. you can't do it all, and you aren't supposed to. i remember eating off paper plates for about 60% of our at-home meals when I was a kid and I like to think I turned out okay! i don't even put in a 7-hour day away from the house everyday and i've had to definitely “let go” of some things…i mean potato chips are a vegetable, right? lol!

    p.s. jack had fruit loops with milk again for lunch today!


  4. Its so true. We really can't do it all and when I do try to give 100% to every single task I need to do I wind up burning myself out. Sometimes somethings gotta give. So I quit worrying about the amount of time the TV is on or if every meal is perfectly balanced. Sometimes I can make a nutritional gourmet meal and sometimes it's grilled cheese. Whatever works.

    Just wanted to let you know that you're the featured blogger on my blog on Monday!


  5. LOVE it! Can you tell my 44 year old kid that cereal is OK for supper?

    As far as neat houses go… well, you saw mine a few weeks ago. Just know that it means you are officially a good friend! I had a fleeting thought about vacuuming the other day. When I realized that I would have to pick up all of the silly bandz or it might tear up the vacuum, I decided against it.


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