30 Blog Challenge · thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week’s random (and late) list of things to be thankful for includes…
1)  Coffee.  At this point I really don’t care if it’s Starbucks or McDonald’s or Folger’s or whatever Karen makes in the teacher break room.  Somehow after I became a mom of two I developed an addiction.  It’s getting worse, I’m sure.  But I’m also sure it’s completely pyschological because the other day I drank decaf and it worked just as well.  
2)  The Exersaucer.  I don’t know what brilliant person (probably a mom) came up with the concept of this contraption, but I am oh-so-thankful that the Tinsley boys’ exersaucer didn’t sell at the Children’s Sale so it could live in my den and entertain my baby at this too early hour of the morning when it’s too late to get her back to sleep and too early for me to be entertaining.
3)  Leftovers.  That’s right.  We had clean-out-the-fridge for dinner last night and it was the first meal we’ve had all week that the girls haven’t complained about.  Monday they didn’t eat their Happy Meals.  Tuesday was london broil and potatoes au gratin and ended with Annabelle getting a spanking because she chewed up her meat but refused to swallow.  WNS was taco salad and my girls are not fans.  They wouldn’t even eat the banana pudding.  But Thursday….we had turkey sausage and leftover potatoes and leftover corn and…it’s all gone now.

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. HAHHHAHAAAA…That totally sounds like something Miss Annabelle would do!! Poor thing…don't you know you should be making them grilled cheese, and grilled chicken with green beans & mac-n-cheese, or nacho night with chips, cheese, salsa, chicken or beef…I mean come on Linds…:) I love left over night though, wish I had been there for that one! And Miss Millie Moo is too precious!! Love her! 🙂 Aunt Ashley


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