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I Can’t Believe She’s Six

Dear Madelynne,

I really, really can’t believe you’re already six.  How can that be?  How can you have gone from Amelia’s size to taller than half of me in such short time?  And where did all that time go because it seems just yesterday your Mimi was prying you out of my arms when I left you for the first time.  Now you’re six and a big kindergarten girl who excels at reading and writing and aggravating Annabelle.

Sometimes I miss those sweetest first days when it was just you and me.  When you were all I had ever wanted, every prayer and dream come true.  A baby girl with her daddy’s long eyelashes and the sweetest smile.  When you were born and the doctor said girl I couldn’t believe it…I didn’t want a boy for my first experience.  I only wanted you.

You’ve put up with a lot, big baby girl.  It’s tough being the oldest, I know. It’s even tougher to be the oldest of girls vying for attention from an overworked Mommy.  I hope I’ve given you more these past few months.  It’s so special that you’re old enough now to get excited some of the same things I loved as a little girl like Laura Ingalls and Ramona Quimby.

But as exciting as this new phase of life is for all of us, promise me you won’t grow up too fast.  Be my little girl for a while and enjoy it.  You may be a sassy six, but you’re a sweet six and I want to keep you that way for as long as I can.

Love you,

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