Manic Monday

Vacation Manic Monday

There is nothing like a break.  I know people who don’t teach can’t imagine why teachers (and students) need frequent breaks from school, but I would hope if you’re a parent you can understand. 

Imagine being locked in a room for 8 hours with your kid.  Now imagine you have to help your kid achieve unrealistic standards set in place by someone who has obviously never met a kid. 

Now imagine that the only break during that day occurs for thirty minutes when you get to eat lunch (with the kid), go to the bathroom, check your mail, and have a conference with someone who thinks they know more about your kid than you do. 

Then imagine that you try to give this kid something independent to do and while the directions seem so simple to you, they necessitate more questions than an inquisition. 

Oh, and the only adult conversation you have all day revolves around, you guessed it, the kid.  Ready for vacation, yet?  Of course, if you’re a stay at home mama, you totally get this, minus the vacation part. 

It’s people like my husband who (jokingly) says he has a “real” job, that don’t get it.  I mean, why would they?  They get to have lunch somewhere other than a cafeteria that’s akin to the zoo at feeding time, go to the bathroom without fear that a fight will break out in the 45 seconds they’re away from their post, and have conversations about how to fix problems with people who (hopefully) have some experience with the situation.

But if he didn’t do his job, I wouldn’t get to do mine.  And be on vacation all week.  So, yeah, 180 days of educational stress is totally worth Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and summer.  Just remember us teachers have earned every minute of it!

Oh, and on my agenda this week?  Lots of blogging catch up, decorating, cleaning, and adventures with the Princess Monsters.  Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Vacation Manic Monday

  1. How true! You make me laugh! And you didn't even mention doing all the above with hormonally challenged middle schoolers.
    Hope you and your have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful to work with you – a teacher who cares for and about her students.


  2. I was thinking, “Wow, this sounds just like my day!” Followed by, “Except she left out the part where teachers do this with not one child but 15+ at a time.” You have my gratitude and admiration!


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